Business Planing

How do you know if you’ve achieved your goal if you’ve never set one?

We can help you to predict your company’s performance by producing budgets and forecasts based on your expectations. These can then be matched to your actual results through our management accounts service.

These forecasts can also be used to raise finance (either from a bank or private equity), whether short term (e.g. overdraft) or long term (e.g. mortgage).

Because a business plan isn’t just about numbers, we can also conduct a review of your business to present a full proposal based on your strategy and market position within your industry.

  • Predict the likely outcome of decisions made today (is that investment worth making? Should you invest more?)
  • Increase your chances of securing financing.
  • Monitor the result of your decisions quickly and easily.
  • Identify more opportunities for your business.
  • Case Study: One of our clients realized that they were being overcharged by up to 20% by comparing actual results to budget expectations.
  • Result? A saving of over £1m over the six month period that they had been overcharged.